Leverage in Forex Trading5 min read

Leverage in Forex Trading5 min read

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What is leverage? Leverage you often hear and see in the Forex market can be viewed as a broker’s lending to investors.

Investors can make high volume transactions and earn large amounts of money by keeping a margin in their accounts according to their leverage ratios. This also applies to undesirable market movements.

In other words, as a result of high volume transactions made using leverage, the loss may be large and as a result, the investor may lose all his capital.

It can be dangerous for beginners to trade at high rates. Therefore, trading with a leverage of 1:10 seems to be more suitable for inexperienced people. Once you have a good understanding of the Forex market and the concept of leverage, you will find that trading is not very difficult.

You will find that many professional traders do not trade without leverage over time. Leverage, which is seen as a gamble by some investors, is seen as less risky by some investors.

This interpretation varies according to the experiences of the people. Therefore, every investor should make their own decisions.

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Leverage Types

There are multiple leverage ratios in the Forex market. Leveraged transactions can be made using ratios that vary according to platforms and investors such as 50:1, 100:1 and 200:1.

The leverage offered to every user is not the same. Traders with higher capital and more experienced traders are given the opportunity to trade with higher leverage.

People who know how much risk they can take and who can manage their risk well decide on the leverage ratios they will use accordingly.

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It is possible for people who trade wisely to multiply their money in this way. People who dream of making big money with leverage and making transactions without knowledge are disappointed.


Which Leverage Is Better?

It would not be right to give advice about which leverage ratio is better or which is the best. Investors should make their own investment decisions by controlling their budgets and considering market information.

High leverage ratios promise big gains for trading, but they also have the potential to cause big losses. Another detail to be aware of is that the low margin requirement makes it possible to trade with a large amount of leverage.

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The Relation Between Leverage And Margin

A margin shows the amount you need to open a trading position. Depending on the leverage ratio, margins such as 1%, 2%, 0.5% and 0.25% may be requested by the brokers.

You can find all leverage rates and requested margins on your preferred broker and platform. A margin call is the warning you will receive when your margin is no longer sufficient.


It is recommended that you do not use leverage and risk all your capital at once without gaining experience in Forex. After learning the market dynamics and becoming a professional in technical analysis, make the right risk calculation and use leverage consciously in line with your expectations.

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