Which Bank is the Best to Do Offshore Banking in Romania?14 min read

Which Bank is the Best to Do Offshore Banking in Romania?14 min read

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If you’re wondering how to take advantage of offshore banking in Romania, you’ve come to the right place. Romania offers a scenic destination and attractive financial incentives for offshore investors seeking new opportunities outside their home market. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with offshore banking in Romania, including choosing the best digital bank for your needs.

Romania has built an appealing environment for offshore banking. Some of the key reasons to consider banking offshore in Romania include:

  • Low banking fees and taxes – Romania has no capital gains tax and low corporate taxes, allowing investors to keep more of their profits. Many digital banks also offer competitive fees.
  • Strategic location – Situated in Eastern Europe, Romania provides easy access to the European Union market as well as growing economies in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Robust financial system – Romania has taken steps to strengthen financial regulation and oversight to attract international investment. Banks adhere to high standards of privacy and security.
  • Online access – Top digital banks allow you to manage your Romania offshore account from anywhere using internet and mobile banking services. No need to be physically present in Romania.
  • Political stability – EU membership has supported Romania’s democracy and pro-business policies. The country offers a dependable environment for long-term investing.

Offshore account in Romania combines attractive cost savings with strategic opportunities for global traders, businesses and investors. Let’s look at some of the top digital bank options.

How to Do Offshore Banking in Romania?

If you’re looking for a safe, user-friendly digital offshore bank to open your Romania account, The Kingdom Bank is an excellent choice. Here are some of the key advantages of using The Kingdom Bank for your offshore banking needs:

  • Secured account opening – Verify your identity online in minutes with no paperwork hassle. Your funds and data are always kept secure with bank-grade encryption.
  • Online and mobile access – Manage your account and transfer funds anytime, anywhere via their well-designed website and app interface.
  • No hidden feesThe Kingdom Bank is completely transparent and charges very low, all-inclusive fees with no minimum balance requirements.
  • Wide currency access – Trade in major currencies like EUR, USD, CHF and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with highly competitive exchange rates.
  • Sophisticated trading tools – Advanced charting, news feeds and analytical tools empower traders to seize opportunities globally.
  • World-class service – Friendly multilingual support is always available to assist with any banking or investment needs.
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For experienced traders and investors seeking a premium digital banking partner in Romania, The Kingdom Bank stands out as the clear choice. Let’s dive deeper into their account types and offerings.

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How to Open an Offshore Banking Account in Romania?

Opening an Romania offshore banking account with The Kingdom Bank is simple and can be done entirely online without visiting Romania:

  1. Visit The Kingdom Bank website and click ‘Open an Account’ – Fill in your personal details and submit identity verification documents.
  2. Verify your identity – Through an automated online process using passport and address documents.
  3. Transfer the minimum opening deposit – Often around $1000 or equivalent depending on the account type.
  4. Access your account instantly – You’ll receive online banking login details by email to manage your account.

The account opening process normally takes 1-2 business days once your documents have been verified. You can now begin using The Kingdom Bank’s great array of banking and investment products from anywhere in the world.

The Kingdom Bank offers several account types suited for various offshore banking needs:

  • Private Banking Account – High-balance account with premium services for sophisticated investors.
  • Corporate Banking Account – Business account with IBAN for invoice payments and international business transactions.
  • Crypto Trading Account – Trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies easily alongside fiat currencies.
  • Savings Account – Earn competitive interest on deposits safely stored with The Kingdom Bank.

The Kingdom Bank provides an easy one-stop-shop for residents or non-residents alike to set up their Romania online offshore account. Let’s now look under the hood at some of their innovative banking features.

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How to Do Online Offshore Banking in Romania?

Once your offshore bank account is open with The Kingdom Bank, managing it online is simple with their advanced web and mobile platforms. Here are some of the key features:

Secure Online Banking

Log in to your personal account dashboard from anywhere to view balances, transfer funds, and access all your financial tools. Bank-grade encryption keeps your login credentials and data completely safe.

International Money Transfers

Send and receive funds across borders to other The Kingdom Bank accounts or external bank accounts worldwide using the fast SWIFT network. Transact in multiple currencies with competitive FX rates.

E-Wallet and Debit Card

Have convenient access to your funds through the e-wallet app to pay online or withdraw cash worldwide from ATMs. The Kingdom Bank issues borderless Visa or Mastercard virtual and physical debit cards.

Investing and Trading Platform

Experience sophisticated trading capabilities on desktop with real-time market data, advanced charts, news, technical analysis and one-click trading for over 150 instruments including forex pairs, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Document Storage

Easily upload documents like invoices, contracts and certificates securely to your online document wallet for safekeeping and access anytime as needed.

Multi-Account View

Oversee your personal, joint and corporate accounts centrally, moving funds between them with a few clicks for streamlined cash flow and accounting.

With The Kingdom Bank’s user-friendly online banking platform, managing your offshore finances in Romania is now simpler than ever from the comfort of your home. Let’s discuss account opening in more detail.

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Opening a Remote Offshore Banking Account in Romania

For residents living outside Romania seeking the advantages of offshore banking, opening an account remotely with a digital bank like The Kingdom Bank is very straightforward. Here are the quick steps:

  • Sign Up Online

Visit The Kingdom Bank website and click “Open an Account”. Fill in the online application form providing your personal details, purpose and source of funds.

2. Verify Your Identity

Upload images of your passport or ID containing your photo, signature and other details. The Kingdom Bank uses automated software to verify documents are valid within minutes.

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3. Fund Your Account

Transfer at least $1,000 or equivalent to your account number provided. bank wires, cryptocurrency or debit/credit cards are accepted funding methods.

4. Access Your Account

Once verified successfully, you’ll receive account login credentials. Now you can login to the online and mobile banking platforms to start using your new remote offshore banking account.

5. Enjoy Digital Banking Services

Manage all your finances from anywhere with bank-grade security. Move funds globally, trade assets, store documents and more – all with a few clicks.

Going digital with an offshore Romanian bank account like The Kingdom Bank allows non-residents to safely access eurozone privileges remotely without visiting the country. Let’s recap who The Kingdom Bank is and why it’s favorable for borderless banking needs.

Best Digital Offshore Bank to Open an Account in Romania

For seamless offshore banking without borders, The Kingdom Bank is the top choice digital institution in Romania. 

Some key reasons why The Kingdom Bank stands out as the premier online offshore bank in Romania include:

Outstanding Safety: Military-grade encryption and regulatory compliance means funds and personal data remain protected at all times.

Unmatched Convenience: Manage banking and trading fully digitally from any device worldwide with no paperwork or visits required.

Leading Functionality: Powerful online and mobile platforms equipped with every feature sophisticated investors need for active financial management.

Transparency: The Kingdom Bank operates with a spirit of openness, charging clear all-inclusive fees instead of hiding charges like some competitors.

Optimal Cost: Low or no minimum deposits, monthly fees or currency conversion fees make The Kingdom Bank the most cost-efficient offshore bank.

Exemplary Service: Friendly multilingual support is always on hand to swiftly assist 24/7 via phone, email, live chat or messaging.

Whether you seek opportunity diversification, tax efficiency or simply an optimized international banking experience, The Kingdom Bank provides the complete solution as Romania’s top digital offshore bank. Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits of global investment without borders.

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