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The Kingdom Bank Corporation and Welcome Bonus11 min read

The Kingdom Bank Corporation and Welcome Bonus11 min read

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The Kingdom Bank is an institution that continues to grow its user base day by day and provides the most advanced digital banking services while providing the best service to its customers.

Aiming to increase the quality of service while connecting users with electronic banking, The Kingdom Bank also offers conveniences such as welcome bonus to its new users.


A Brief About The Kingdom Bank

The Kingdom Bank is an electronic banking institution that offers its customers two different account models.

With private and corporate banking account types that customers can create, it allows all digital banking transfers to be managed through a single account.

The company aimed to make digital banking transactions and international transactions easier with an easy user interface that can be accessed from smart devices.


Who owns The Kingdom Bank?

The founder of The Kingdom Bank is Nebil Serkan Zubari. Zubari, a well-known entrepreneur, is currently the CEO of The Kingdom Bank.

Starting his career as a financial expert, he played a major role in the founding of The Kingdom Bank, as well as major management roles at DigiCorp GmbH and IBAN SWISS AG.

With years of expertise in finance, Nebil Serkan Zubari has an innovative perspective in branches such as digital banking and Fin-Tech solutions.

Wealth management continues to bring its vast knowledge of digital payment systems and digital trading to the services of The Kingdom Bank and the most innovative digital banking solutions to its users.


Which Country is The Kingdom Bank Located?

The Kingdom Bank is a financial institution established in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Although it is of Dominica origin, The Kingdom Bank is not limited to only local users, but aims to enable international money transfer and purchase transactions with all over the world user base.

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Today the institution has a large user base from all over the world, mostly in Europe.


The Kingdom Bank Online Banking

Established to eliminate the troublesome transactions of traditional banking and to carry out all kinds of transactions from a digital platform, The Kingdom Bank offers its users a free account opening experience.

The most preferred feature of The Kingdom Bank is the most used international money shopping service in online banking. Transfers between accounts are performed in real-time.

In this way, The Kingdom Bank users can transfer money to another account wherever they are in the world and do not have to pay an extra fee for this.

Having many advantages not only for private accounts but also for corporate accounts, The Kingdom Bank’s online banking features have brought an innovative perspective to electronic banking transactions.


The Kingdom Bank Branches

With its branches, The Kingdom Bank continues to offer solutions that are improving day by day to its users.

The bank offers fast and secure banking to its users in digital payment systems from crypto services to IBAN solutions.

Making personal and corporate payment processes much faster and safer, The Kingdom Bank makes it possible to manage all electronic banking transactions through a single account.


The Kingdom Bank Customer Service

The Kingdom Bank is an organization that prioritizes customer satisfaction. The company has established its principles on the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

The Kingdom Bank offers its customers the opportunity to solve the problem by making a one-to-one live chat with the technical team when they have any questions about their accounts or transactions.

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Customers who want to make a problem or report with the meeting appointment that can be obtained from the website can arrange a meeting with the technical team.


Why Trade with The Kingdom Bank?

There are many advantages to trading with The Kingdom Bank. The most important of the outstanding trading conditions offered by The Kingdom Bank to its customers is that users can trade in the currencies they want.

Users can perform their trading transactions between different stock exchange currencies, gold and silver, indices or cryptocurrencies. Moreover, with the zero commission principle, there is no additional fee for trading.

The Kingdom Bank, which is also an ISO 27001 certified banking system, enables safe and fast trading with ultra fast execution. With the welcome bonus option up to $5000 and 24/5 customer support, The Kingdom Bank’s experienced support team is on standby whenever traders need it.

The Kingdom Bank Solutions

Aiming to maximize customer satisfaction and audience with its digital banking solutions, The Kingdom Bank meets all kinds of digital banking needs with various account types.

The company enables all personal banking transactions to be carried out with a private banking account that can be opened through a single system.

In addition to this, with the corporate banking account option, it also enables B2B or B2C banking transactions to be made through its own system.

Thanks to being a crypto friendly bank, The Kingdom Bank, which can manage multiple currencies from a single account, also enables transactions in different crypto currencies.

Not forgetting Forex traders, it offers the opportunity to perform Forex trading transactions through the MetaTrader 5 account.

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A dedicated IBAN is defined for each account opened via The Kingdom Bank and all transactions are carried out in a secure and digital environment.

At the same time, welcome bonus options for investors who are new to investing and trading transactions make advantageous trading transactions possible.


The Kingdom Bank Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus of up to 30% on trading transactions awaits users on accounts that can be created for free in just a few steps at The Kingdom Bank.

Profitable trading operations are carried out with bonuses of up to 30% in Forex, gold, crypto or indices trades.

All customers need to do to collect bonuses is to register in The Kingdom Bank world. In the next step, by loading the minimum deposit amount of $10, the bonuses are automatically loaded into the accounts.


The Kingdom Bank Reviews

Thanks to its emphasis on customer satisfaction, The Kingdom Bank both grows its user base and gets full points from its users, and continues to be rewarded by the leading institutions of the Fin-Tech industry.

The bank was awarded the Fastest Growing Digital Bank in Europe award of 2023 by International Business Magazine.

The Kingdom Bank, an electronic banking institute that is a developing and growing sector, also brings secure banking to its users.

Winning the Most Secure Digital Bank Award by World Business Outlook, it has proven the importance it attaches to security.


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