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Guide for becoming introducing broker5 min read

Guide for becoming introducing broker5 min read

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First of all, we should explain in detail what an introducing broker really is. The word broker first burst into their lives as well as the English language back in the 1350s.

However, the term Introducing Broker, IB short, is relatively young and modern. It takes its toll during the past few decades with the innovations that occurred in the banking sector and the appearance of markets like forex.

With this new era, especially people who have enthusiasm in the market started to show their interest in becoming an introducing broker. That is not surprising, thinking of the IB benefits of course.

What is an introducing broker?

An introducing broker is an individual who reaches out to clients or new traders and directs them to a bigger brokerage firm like The Kingdom Bank. By doing so, IBs deserve a commission according to the client they introduced to the brokerage firm.

Introducing brokers differs from affiliates in terms of how they get paid and the manner of relationship they have with their clients.

IBs generally start to earn their commission from day one, and it improves as the new trader earns more profits on their investment with the brokerage firm.

The commission is paid by the brokerage firm and generally doesn’t have a pre-fixed amount.

Affiliates, on the other hand, have a different payment plan called CPA. CPA stands for cost per acquisition. They generally get paid once a month according to the previous month’s revenues.

In terms of the relationship with the clients, IBs are far more personally and directly in contact with their clients compared to the affiliates. They offer specific services like educational courses, which affiliates generally do not provide.

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How to become an introducing broker

For those who want to become an IB, there is a good program the Kingdom Bank offers. As being an enthusiast of the markets is a good quality one needs to have a more detailed knowledge of the real world.

The benefits of introducing broker portal of The Kingdom Bank offer a great deal. You can enrich your capacity and take advantage of our exclusive packages. You can become a respectful broker with a powerful partner.

IB Benefits at The Kingdom Bank

First of all, you should keep in mind that your commission is paid by the brokerage firm that you introduced to the client. In other words, it is your best interest to have a respectful and also well-developed partner as a brokerage firm like the Kingdom Bank.

In addition, the more your client profits the bigger your commission gets. That’s why it is important to have a professional partner like the Kingdom Bank.

The next thing you should take into account is that you need to have a well-designed program and portal to fulfill your expectations and maximize your earnings in such a competitive and aggressive environment. The Kingdom bank offers these on a silver platter through the IB portal.

Last but not least, The Kingdom Bank offers some alternative contributions varying from technical indicators, educational resources, trading workshops, and webinars to market analysis performed and written by expert financial analysts.


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