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Red Carpet Of Fintech 20235 min read

Red Carpet Of Fintech 20235 min read

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Fintech 2023 is the topic of the day.  Since we met the term FinTech in 2015, its potential has kept growing steadily. The term Fintech stands for the combination of Financial Services and Technology.

As a natural result of this magical combination, Fintech started to refer to something bigger, international, and of course digital in terms of banking.

That is why various events on Fintech have been held ever since. The Kingdom Bank has been one of the most eligible shareholders of these gatherings.


Save the Date for Upcoming Events

As we are edging towards 2023 the red carpet events of Fintech and digital banking related gatherings have already been set. Let’s take a little tour of the upcoming season.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023

Crypto Expo Dubai will be held on 8-9 March in Festival Arena, Dubai festival city. It is known as the largest cryptocurrency summit in Dubai.

It offers a great opportunity of networking with the best cryptocurrency businesses for trading and investing.

You can meet over 10.000 investors and traders and there will be over 100 crypto companies as participants from more than 30 different countries.

The expo is offering 60+ professional speakers for the participants to share their knowledge. Proudly informing that the Kingdom Bank had the “Best International Fontech Banking” award of Crypto Expo Dubai in 2022.  We are in 2023. Crypto Expo Dubai’s 2023 event will be held again on March 8 – 9, 2023.


Sigma Events 2023

Sigma Events have been held in more than one location during the previous years. 2023 will be no exception. The event mainly focuses on igaming technologies which are closely related to digital wallets and payments.

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That is why visionary fintech and digital banking brands like The Kingdom Bank itself paid great attention to the event. In 2022 the Kingdom Bank was a registered member of Sigma Malta. The Malta act will be in November 2023.


IGB Affiliate 2023

The affiliate will be held in London on 8-11 February 2023. It offers opportunities to meet over 5000 affiliates, advertisers, e-commerce sellers, digital banks, and tech suppliers.

This event is also related to igaming technologies which include digital wallets and online payment systems and transactions. The kingdom bank had a good spot as the IGB Affiliate last year offering financial services and solutions to the participants.

Finance Magnates Events – London Summit 2023

The London summit has been one of the most successful and premier gatherings of the industry since its first appearance in 2012. The Kingdom bank had taken place at the summit in previous years.

It offers interaction and networking opportunities to the participants about cryptocurrencies, digital payments, and Fintech activities.

It is expected that the Summit will host over 3500 attendees from all over the world, more than 130 speakers, and over 100 exhibitors. The exact date hasn’t been set yet however it is assumed that the summit will be in November again in 2023 too.

As the Kingdom Bank motto goes “Bank without Borders”, these events also have no borders. You can enjoy any of them as an individual or institutional participant. Don’t forget to stop by our spot and make an acquaintance.


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