How to Do Offshore Banking in Norway?11 min read

How to Do Offshore Banking in Norway?11 min read

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For many worldwide, establishing an offshore banking presence in Norway can offer appealing advantages.

Yet just what does offshore banking in Norway entail and how does one get started? In this guide, we’ll explore the what, why and how of managing funds from abroad through a Norwegian financial institution.

Offshore banking simply means conducting banking business outside of one’s country of residence.

By opening an account with a Norwegian “digital offshore bank” like The Kingdom Bank, individuals and businesses can take advantage of Norway’s political and economic stability while maintaining privacy and potentially reducing taxation obligations.

Let’s examine some key aspects of Norway’s offshore banking landscape in more detail.

What is Offshore Banking in Norway?

Offshore banking in Norway allows qualified non-residents to handle financial transactions through an account at a Norwegian bank without being physically located in the country. Accounts are typically in foreign currencies and geared towards international trade and investments.

Many offshore banking customers in Norway are attracted by its:

  • Political neutrality and adherence to strict privacy laws
  • Strong currency – the Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Highly developed digital banking infrastructure
  • Rankings as one of the most prosperous and business friendly nations

Norwegian banks operating offshore provide private banking features like wealth management solutions, trusts, asset protection and more. Corporate services include international payments, foreign exchange and online bank account management tools.

offshore banking in norway

Why Might Someone Consider Offshore Banking in Norway?

There are a few key practical and strategic reasons why an individual or business might establish an offshore banking presence in Norway:

Tax Planning – Some offshore banking customers aim to reduce their tax obligations on foreign investments and income by routing funds through a Norwegian bank. Norway has network of tax treaties to prevent double taxation.

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Asset Protection – By separating personal assets from those held for business use, Norway offshore banking offers an extra layer of protection from litigation and creditors. Norway’s banking confidentiality adds another safeguard.

Currency Diversification – Holding funds in the NOK gives exposure to a stable currency backed by Norway’s oil reserves and sizeable sovereign wealth funds. This provides a hedge against volatility in one’s domestic currency.

International Payments – A Norwegian offshore bank account simplifies payment processing and currency exchange for trade with European, Asian and global partners. wire transfers are fast and low cost within the SEPA zone.

Higher Interest Rates – Some Norwegian banks offer competitive interest rates on deposits far exceeding those available in other nations. This can boost returns on both fiscal and operational balances.

For the right client, offshore banking in Norway presents a reputable and flexible solution for private wealth and commercial treasury management activities beyond domestic borders.

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Norway?

Opening an offshore bank account with a digital Norwegian bank like The Kingdom Bank follows a straightforward application process:

  1. Choose a Bank – Research banks that cater to offshore clients without a physical presence requirement. Consider one with online account opening and multi-currency capabilities.
  2. Complete the Application – Submit personal details, identification documents, proof of address and information about the source of funds. Incorporate or register a company if applying as a business.
  3. Verification Process – The bank conducts due diligence checks including video interviews. This validates identities and screens for illegal activity as required by Norwegian regulators.
  4. Fund the Account – Transfer an initial deposit once approved. Most institutions request a minimum opening balance equivalent to several thousand dollars.
  5. Start Banking Online – Access account services on the bank’s digital platform from any location. Customers receive electronic statements and may order debit cards.
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The full onboarding typically takes 2-4 weeks. With a reputable digital bank, the process of setting up an offshore current account in Norway from abroad has been streamlined for convenience and compliance.

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Can a Foreigner Open an Offshore Banking Account in Norway?

Yes – As long as eligibility criteria are met, foreign individuals and corporations can obtain an offshore banking account in Norway without physically residing in the country. The key requirements are:

  • Valid government issued photo ID (passport usually needed)
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill more than 6 months old
  • Business registration documents if applying for a corporate account
  • Source of wealth documentation like tax forms or business records
  • Minimum initial deposit as specified by the bank

Provided identification and background checks are passed, qualified foreigners gain access to Norwegian financial services including multi-currency accounts, international funds transfers and more advanced private banking amenities online or through a relationship manager.

Citizenship does not preclude non-residents from the benefits of Norway’s offshore sector.

Best Digital Offshore Bank to Open an Account in Norway

When seeking an offshore account opening in Norway from afar, one excellent digital option is The Kingdom Bank, an online offshore bank focused on cross-border needs. Some aspects that make The Kingdom Bank a top pick for remote Norwegian banking include:

  • No physical presence or travel requirements – 100% digital application and operations
  • Fast 2-4 day account opening for individuals or 1 week for companies
  • Competitive exchange rates on over 55 global currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • Low cost international wire transfers and money remittance capabilities
  • Dedicated relationship managers and multi-lingual customer support
  • Advanced security with two-factor authentication and encrypted connections
  • Intuitive online banking portal optimized for mobile devices and tablets
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The Kingdom Bank handles all Norwegian regulatory oversight internally, saving clients time. Plus its transparent fee structure and commitment to privacy make it a best-in-class choice for straightforward offshore banking from anywhere worldwide via computer or smartphone.

The Kingdom Bank provides a hassle-free gateway to the stability, services and privileges of Norway’s respected financial system for offshore account holders living abroad.

With the right digital offshore bank, it’s now simpler than ever to enjoy the advantages of Norwegian banking remotely.

After deciding whether offshore facilities in Norway align with long-term wealth management or business objectives, qualified persons simply need to complete an uncomplicated application process online.

A foreigner can thereby gain access to a robust country’s sophisticated banking network to support international activities from afar.

Following the initial account setup steps above, new customers are just a digital login away from taking advantage of all that Norway’s leading financial institutions have on offer for managing funds on a global stage.

The Kingdom Bank allows taking advantage of Norway’s opportunities in offshore finance through a best-in-class online banking platform. Their advanced tools and global infrastructure let users maximize opportunities wherever inspiration may lead.

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