Can a Non Resident Open an Offshore Banking Account in Aruba?10 min read

Can a Non Resident Open an Offshore Banking Account in Aruba?10 min read

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Before examining the great advantages of offshore banking in Aruba, let’s dive into Aruba. With its endless snow-white beaches, Aruba invites you to blissfully do nothing, but especially around the capital Oranjestad, beach tennis is played with enthusiasm to Caribbean sounds – the absolute trend sport on the island.

Kitesurfers and windsurfers will also find perfect conditions thanks to the constant trade winds on the smallest of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao), which are part of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean and geologically part of South America and the Leeward Islands .

Aruba, which is around 180 square kilometers in size, is located 25 kilometers north of Venezuela. The island is one of the four co-equal countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, along with Curaçao, Saint Martin and the Netherlands (comprising the Netherlands in Europe and Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius in the Caribbean). 

Like the other countries, Aruba has its own constitution, currency and government. The island therefore enjoys complete internal autonomy.

Not only with these wonderful features and tourist potential, Aruba is also a great place for offshore banking. In recent years, thousands of investors have been enjoying financially advantageous taxes and privacy in Aruba with digital offshore banking accounts. 

Moreover, even as a non-resident, it is possible to open an offshore banking account in Aruba with reliable and reputable online banking platforms such as The Kingdom Bank.

How to Do Offshore Banking in Aruba?

Offshore banking means far from the coast and originally referred to banks that were often based in British colonies. Bank regulation has become significantly stricter. Banks ask exactly where their customers’ money comes from and how they earn their income (AML & KYC). 

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Today, an offshore bank is essentially a bank located abroad. This also includes banks that don’t have to cross an ocean to get to. Aruba is one of the most preferred locations to do offshore banking. 

Businesses and individuals who do not find the tax rates of the countries they live in advantageous, who need transactions on a global scale and who want to avoid high transaction fees, are online in the banking ecosystem of another country, which is called offshore banking

Aruba has become one of the most popular offshore banking hubs thanks to the flexible financial ecosystem it offers to foreign investors. Both businesses and investors manage their assets in Aruba through online offshore banking accounts.

offshore banking in aruba

How to Open an Offshore Banking Account in Aruba?

Those who want to open an offshore bank account in Aruba should first choose a reliable digital banking platform that provides services in Aruba, such as The Kingdom Bank

While this platform is expected to be reputable and reliable, its online tools should also be advanced because you do not need to physically travel to Aruba.

Individuals who manage offshore bank accounts in Aruba wish to manage them through a mobile application or website. 

Therefore, this digital banking platform should offer the opportunity of online offshore banking accounts in Aruba. As The Kingdom Bank, we provide this service.

Once you decide which bank you will open an offshore bank account in Aruba with, you can begin the application process. During the application process, banks serving in Aruba generally request you to submit the following documents online:

  • personal identification information
  • income record inquiry documents
  • income source determination
  • address info
  • passport information
  • revenue records for your business
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Can I Open an Offshore Banking Account as a Non Resident?

Thousands of non-Aruban foreign investors and foreign businesses serving and working in different sectors are important stakeholders of Aruba’s financial ecosystem. 

Thanks to the flexible and advantageous banking regulations offered by the Aruba state and its touristic power, thousands of non-residents from different parts of the world have turned to opening online offshore bank accounts in Aruba.

After determining a digital banking platform where they can open an offshore banking account in Aruba, the remote application process begins. During the online application, the online banking platform serving in Aruba requests some documents from you. 

After submitting the required documents online, the offshore banking process is possible without Aruban citizenship.

offshore banking in aruba


What are the Requirements to Open an Offshore Banking Account in Aruba?

Although Aruba is a potential investment destination for many investors, there are certain requirements to open an Aruba offshore banking account. It continues to be a favorite country for many investors in different parts of the world with its touristic power and natural beauties. However, Aruba is known not only for such opportunities but also for the advantages it offers for online offshore banking needs. Here are the basic documents you need to know to open an offshore bank account in Aruba:

  • personal identification data
  • income record documents
  • source of income
  • address
  • passport
  • revenue records for your business

Which Bank is the Best to Open an Offshore Banking Account in Aruba?

As The Kingdom Bank, we offer offshore banking infrastructure to individual investors or large-scale businesses who want to open online offshore bank accounts in Aruba, and we provide online tools that enable the opening and management of these accounts. 

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It is very easy to start enjoying financial freedom in Aruba through The Kingdom Bank, which has been providing fast and secure service in digital banking for years.

Although Aruba is not a developed country, with the development of digital banking solutions, many digital banking platforms have added Aruba to their service area. 

Today, there are many platforms where investors who desire to open a digital offshore banking account in Aruba can manage these accounts. Therefore, it is recommended that they choose the most suitable and reliable one for their portfolio like The Kingdom Bank.

As The Kingdom Bank, we are ready to serve your offshore banking needs in Aruba. Whether you are home or work, you can manage this account with just a simple command on your phone or computer. 

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