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How To Make Cross Border Payments Easily!6 min read

How To Make Cross Border Payments Easily!6 min read

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We will write about Cross Border Payments.  You know our world has shrunk as a result of technological advancements, accessibility, and the Internet. Across borders, we can easily talk, collaborate, and even sell.

International payments have been around for a long time in the financial world, easing commerce and trade.

The increased amount of foreign payments can be ascribed to today’s rising worldwide commerce, whether it’s sending money back home or signing international company contracts.

Cross-border payments is a financial transaction that takes place between banks, financial institutions, corporations, or individuals in nations that may or may not share a border.

It is a crucial ally for firms and individuals that seek to engage in cross-border commerce or transactions. Since the internet’s widespread use, the growth of cross-border B2B payments has been exponential.

Money is sent from the payer’s account to the recipient’s account when a consumer makes an international online purchase or when a small business has to pay one of its overseas suppliers.

While money can be transferred in a variety of ways, banks are ultimately involved in the process as monies leave the client’s account and into the accounts of the beneficiaries.

cross border payments

How To Make Cross Border Payments

This seemingly easy process of money transfer becomes much more complicated when it comes to international payments.

Multiple banks are frequently engaged in a transfer from one nation to another, resulting in large transfer fees.

Exchange rates between different currencies, as well as local taxes for each country, must be considered. Find out how to make cross-border payments easily in this review.

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1 – You can use Blockchain to make cross-border payment

It is a payment platform that makes direct payments from one bank to another using blockchain chain technology, and its clients include Standard Chartered, Santander, and SEB Bank.

There is a slew of other players vying for this market. For example, Barclays has created B2B Pay, a blockchain-based cross-border payment service.

There are no intermediaries because payments are made straight from one bank to another, therefore transactions are faster and there are fewer hidden fees than with other solutions.

When compared to more traditional cross-border payment solutions, some blockchain applications can provide greater data and insight on payments.

2 – There is also SWIFT!

SWIFT is a network that allows financial institutions all over the world to communicate and receive financial transaction information in a secure, standardized, and reliable manner.

SWIFT for Corporates is a multi-banking solution for corporate treasurers. Corporates are assigned unique SWIFT Business Identifier Code (BIC) accounts that allow them to communicate directly with the banks where their monies are kept and payments are made.

Cross-border payments are easily made with SWIFT and still many people find this method easy and reliable.

cross border payments

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