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Crypto-Friendly Banking with The Kingdom Bank 🎯5 min read

Crypto-Friendly Banking with The Kingdom Bank 🎯5 min read

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Crypto-Friendly Banking is very important nowadays. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete,” says Buckminster Fuller, the famous American systems theorist, and futurist who was muchly ahead of his times.

The names of cryptocurrencies are echoing in every corner we turn nowadays. Since the reveal of the mighty Bitcoin, our aspect of finances has completely changed into something more open-minded and curious.

Unlike the system we used to know, the crypto ecosystem rejects intermediaries or any regulatory authorities. The birth philosophy of Blockchain stands for libertarianism and decentralization.

To raise the voice of the population suffering from the monopolized dictatorship applied by the traditional financial ecosystem with fiat currency.

Just like many revolutionary attempts in the history of humanity, the manifest ”Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” authored by Satoshi Nakamoto became the object of conservatives’ critical thunderbolts.

The rise of independent finance was not only anathematized grimly by superior authorities but also faced with arbitrary bias.

Crypto-Friendly Banking with The Kingdom Bank 🎯

An Irresistible Path to Invest on

Today, cryptocurrencies are more widely accepted as a commodity than fiat currencies. However, unlike any other commodities, they can be transferred as what they are and can be easily converted into any fiat currency in a blink of an eye.

Considering its speculative nature and high volatility, crypto coins get through depreciation and appreciation called bubbles and busts.

You may think that such a vulnerable asset is far away from being a wise investment. But do not forget! When there is a risk, there is an opportunity!

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The sudden waves in the value of crypto coins gather a myriad of investors who enjoy takeover arbitrage. The funny thing is the accusers who used to claim Bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme and traders will lose all their assets soon or later, have become the most passionate crypto trading enthusiasts recently.

We are talking about a breath-taking and enormous organism hosting hundreds of crypto wallets, exchange companies, broker services, developers, and analysts.

To be out of the circle will just keep you behind your opponents in the sector, thus no matter whether you have a tiny puppeteer atelier in Prague or an olive oil company in Kalamata with an appreciated export share, you need to consider adopting crypto banking as a next-gen monetary system.

Plus, they come with multiple advantages! Whereas traditional banking systems are pianissimo and pricey, being a crypto-friendly business will reduce your money transfer expenses significantly and boost the speed of transactions.

Crypto-Friendly Banking with The Kingdom Bank 🎯

Crypto-Friendly Banking with The Kingdom Bank

As a next-generation digital banking role model, Kingdom Bank is fully committed to forming long-term relationships with our users, serving tailor-made solutions and products to help them to go further than they can imagine.

As the inner circle, we are conscious of the fact that traditional banking mutates into digitalization and cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we have equipped our bank as a seamless medium to transfer compatible cryptocurrencies to other wallets besides creating B2B, B2C, and C2B payments using your European IBAN account and The Kingdom Bank crypto wallet.

Open an account in our unique and fast-growing digital wallet today and seize the day to carry your business beyond your dreams!

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